About As A Bug

As A Bug, Baby Blankets and Textiles by Littlegemm


I am Littlegemm. I live and work in Cornwall, UK. As A Bug has been but a seed germinating in my mind since the cold and heavily pregnant winter of 2012. Since the birth of Baby J, my adorable bouncing baby boy, I have been taking further steps to setting up shop online and beginning to grow the As A Bug brand along with my range of products.

As A Bug, though not in a position of trading right now (I am looking at building up my stock levels and using my shop as more of a gallery to start with), aims to offer a range of textiles including; 

Lovingly handmade blankets in beautiful bright colours, these unique, one off pieces are all full of character. With their purpose intended for use with babies and young children, they benefit greatly from being handcrafted from soft and easy to care for materials. 


Green Ethos;

The patchwork fleece blankets are made from scraps or off cuts of high quality fleece from my local scrap store or up-cycled unwanted clothing and are therefore a product with very green credentials. The crochet blankets are admittedly made from bought yarn but I am perfecting a technique to turn further scraps of fleece into yarn to enable me to crochet with yet smaller fleece off cuts and left overs. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


For more information please feel free to email me at: snug@asabug.com