An Old Favourite Revitalised For Snuggy Rug Photo Shoots October 11 2013

Revamping a tired old wicker chair with spray paint, a handmade cushion and lots of love;


For a while I've been meaning to get round to lavishing some TLC on this much loved family heirloom chair. I finally found the perfect excuse. Not that such things should have to be justified but with our current shortage of time and resources (the delightful, happy soul Baby J keeps me pretty busy) I felt this was too much of a 'luxury' to dedicate such time to until I realised that I really NEED somewhere that looks half decent to photograph the snuggy rugs. Well, having moved house in August 2012 to somewhat of a project type home, there really isn't any one room or even part of any room that is finished, other than Baby J's and that's usually occupied during nap time, which is when I'll most likely be free to try and capture the snuggy rugs in all their glory. I guess now I need to find a neat looking corner amongst the general chaos to do this... erm...

Oh well, here's the chair anyway...

Project Details;

I used Plastikote Gloss Super spray paint to paint the chair (one and a half 400ml cans) and the thrifty cushion is made from a couple of foam off cuts from my local scrap store (free) covered with a pair of trousers I bought at a jumble sale for 10p. 


As A Bug and Beyond... September 28 2013

Today's headlines;


  • Littlegemm Bought Her First Domain;
...and it was far simpler and cheaper than expected. :-)

  • Building The As A Bug Website Has Begun In Earnest
...and I really hope you'll keep popping by to see how it's coming along.


And now the weather;


Catch the mist, catch the myth, catch the mystery, catch my drift?